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Some interesting Escort Girls

I found some interesting Escort Girls.
This Girls are on, and you can catch a free lifetime account for
The only thing you need to do in order to get your free, lifetime membership is signing up here:
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(Credit Card is required for age verification only. You will never be charged anything!)

or some videos

profile example
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Zodiac: Saggitarius

What turns me on:
In the tightness of our embrace, I place one hand behind your neck, holding your head to my chest, whispering my deepest desires, not only because I'm reeling from what we are doing, but because I'm gonna make u mmmmmmmm

I'm a good tease dancer, and the best when it comes to...

My Appearance:
Height: 5'8" (1.73m)
Weight: 137 lbs (62kg)
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Build: Average
Ethnicity: White
Cup Size: B
Pubic Hair: Bald
Measurements: 37-30-36" (94-76-91cm)
Kinky Attributes: Feet, Toys, Anal Penetration, Underwear

Hello honey! I'm your sexy bunny girl, a feast for your eyes, always in a sensual mood, always ready for some frisky fun :) A perfect blonde, sweet as candy, wanna be my lollipop? I love to be spoiled, come play with me...

Free Internet Dating - the Pros and Cons

If you are thinking that you have to pay hundreds of dollars in order to partake in internet dating, think again. Free internet dating is all the rage and there are dozens of sites that will allow you to sign up and begin meeting people for absolutely no charge.

There are pros and cons to free online dating. The negatives are as follows:

Anyone can join

This means that anyone can join - married people, felons, etc. Because the site is free, there is no check as to who can join. While other sites promise to prosecute those who say they are single and are married, free internet dating means you have to take your chances.

However, you pretty much have to take your chances with any of the dating sites. Those that promise to screen out felons and married people can do little more than promise. Anyone can sign up with another name if they so choose. Because you do not have a false sense of security with free online dating, you are probably safer using one of these sites than a paid site that promises to screen people.

People tend to have little money

There is a conception that people who join a free internet dating site have little or no money. However, this is not necessarily true. Some people do not want to waste their money on a paid site when they can get the same thing for free. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that anyone who you meet on a paid site is going to be a millionaire.

The pros to joining a free internet dating site are as follows:

No hounding by the site

Because you are not putting down any money, you do not have to worry about being hounded to death by the site that will not want you to escape from their clutches once the time period ends. People who have met someone they liked, left the dating site and gotten married are often still pestered to re join the dating site. Why? Because their membership means revenue for the site. As a free internet dating site gets no revenue if you join or quit, they will never pester you to join the site.

No hidden fees

Beware of the hidden fees in some paid dating sites. They tell you that you can cancel your membership on the first day of the month but then bill you ten days prior. When you go to cancel, they tell you that you are signed up for another 20 days so you might as well not cancel yet and enjoy the site. They hope you will forget to cancel in time so they can continue to bill your credit card. You have no such problem with a free internet dating site.

You will meet the same type of people on a free internet dating site as you will on a paid internet dating site. You just have to be yourself and enjoy meeting new people and you will find someone who you like and who also likes you.

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webcams girls

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How To Treat Escorts

When the escort arrives, treat her like a blind date. Tell her she looks nice. Smile, be friendly. Invite her in. I generally keep a variety of refreshments to offer her, like wine, soft drinks, fruit juice. If you smoke you can let her know she can smoke. If you don’t, then let her know she can’t.

If this is your first time with her, she will probably go into a script. She needs to know you’re not a cop or a violent weirdo or someone who’s going to be trouble. She also needs to let you know that she’s expecting you to pay up front, but she can’t ask you to give her money for sex, because that would be prostitution, and that’s not what she does.

Generally the woman will start out asking something neutral like, “Have you used the service before?” She trying to determine what you know and what she’s going to have to tell you about. If you’ve used other services before then let her know that so she knows that you understand the rules.

If you don’t know what to do and it’s your first time, just say so. That way she can give you the information you need. If you’re embarrassed or nervous, let her know it’s your first time and that you feel a little awkward. This helps her to help you relax, talk a little more, and allow you to get comfortable. Everyone has a first time for calling an escort service and part of the escort’s job is to let you know how to do it.

She will then explain the rules about the agency fee and the tips, tell you that you are expected to pay up front and what the time limits are. She will explain that there are different tips for different services. Eventually she will ask you, “What do you want to do?” When she asks you this, you are expected to tell her what you want. This is usually an awkward moment if it’s your first time. What you want to get across is whether you want to get laid, just want head, or both. And you can just say it if you want, and that’s fine. These women aren’t shy and you can be comfortable talking to them about your sexual interests. That is what they are there for and they aren’t bashful.

It’s just my personality, but I like to start with some humor to break the ice. I may ask, “How much would you charge to have my baby?” This usually gets them laughing — and some find it erotic. They’ll usually say something like, “I don’t do that,” or, “You couldn’t afford it,” to which I might reply, “Well, then, how much for an attempt?” This is a good way to lighten up the mood.

Many women are escorts because they like their job. The more comfortable they feel around you, the more they can enjoy their work.

As I said before, I personally like women who like their work. I like women to enjoy having sex with me. If that’s what you want, then you think like I do. They are trying to give you the pleasures you want, so the more accurately you communicate with them, the easier it is for them to satisfy you as a customer. And like any business women, these women enjoy working with their better clients.

After you let her know what you want it’s time to give her the money. She’ll let you know what she expects and how to pay her. The best way is to lay it on a table and have her pick it up rather than handing it to her. It’s a legal thing: You’re not really giving her thee money for sex. You’re paying her for her time and tipping her because she is a beautiful and attractive woman. And this beautiful woman finds you irresistible as well and you are so attractive that even though she shouldn’t, she just can’t control her desires and can’t resist having sex with you. You get the picture …

After she’s been paid, she will usually have to call the agency and let them know she has arrived, been paid, and that everything is fine so they can start the clock running. (When your time is up, the agency will call you back if she hasn’t called in first.) After she gets off the phone, she’s all yours.

This is the time to start getting relaxed with the escort, time for a little small talk. She may ask what you do; you might ask how long she’s been working in this field and what she likes. If you’re having personal problems, you might want to talk to her about them. I find it’s easier to talk to an escort than a psychologist and the advice is just as good. Escorts are an anonymous person, who is a woman, and you can ask her anything about women that you would be afraid to ask other women you know. Most escorts love to answer these questions and they are glad to fill you in on the secrets that hardly any guys know about what women really want. In fact, although most men think they know women, they really don’t. According to many escorts I’ve talked to, the average guy doesn’t have a clue about what women want. If you ask a few questions you might find that you can learn a lot of things you didn’t know.

A - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

AMP - Asian Massage Parlor
AAMP - Apartment Asian Massage Parlor. Based in a residential apartment instead of a commercial storefront.
Agency (Escort Agency) - A company that manages calls, bookings, and advertising for a group of providers.
Amazon - A tall, strong, often masculine woman.
AMP - Asian Massage Parlor
Analingus - Anal Rimming Oral stimulation of anus
AR (Anal Rimming) - Oral stimulation of anus
Around the world - Analingus and Fellatio
Asian - Refers to AR
Asian Cowgirl - Girl on top, squatting.
ASP - Adult Service Provider
ATF - All Time Favorite
ATM - Ass To Mouth
Aunt Flo - Menstruation or "Period"

B - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Babyback - Petite, young, attractive Asian.
Bait and Switch - Person who shows up is a different one than advertised.
Baja Sur - Genitals. From the spanish "the low south".
Balloons - Breast implants
Bareback - Without a condom
Barracuda - A professional prostitute who's only purpose is to separate you from your money as quickly as possible, preferably without giving you anything in return.
Batin - (Malaysia) Groin massage, but sometimes means hand job.
BBBJ - Bare Back Blow Job (oral sex without condom)
BBBJTC - Bare Back Blow Job to Completion (oral sex to orgasm)
BBBJTCWS - Bare Back Blow Job to Completion with Swallowing
BBBJWF - Bare Back Blow Job With Facial
BBFS - Bare Back Full Service (sex)
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
BCD - Behind Closed Doors
BDSM - Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism.
Beret - A condom.
Beso Negro - Anal Rimming
BF - Boy Friend
Birdwatching - BBBJTCWS
BJ - Blow Job (oral sex on a man)
Blackhole - Anus
BLS - Ball Licking and Sucking
Blue Pill - Viagra
Blue Steel - Viagra
Brown Shower - Defecation on your partner.
BS - Body slide (Usually part of a "sensual massage". Where a woman slides her body on yours using oil.)
BSD - Big Swinging Dick
BSW - Black Street Walker
BTW - By the Way
Butterface - Everything looks good, but her face

C - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Call Girl - Outcall provider, usually implies agency.
Cash and Dash - ROB who takes the money and runs
CBJ - Covered Blow Job (oral sex with a condom)
CC - Roman Numeral for 200. Roman numerals sometimes used for fees.
CC - Credit Card
CC Rider - Full service provider costing $200 or less.
CD - Cross-dresser: transvestite, a person, and especially a male who adopts the dress and often the behavior typical of the opposite sex especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification
CDS - Covered Doggy Style
CFS - Covered Full Service (sex with condom)
CG - Call Girl
Chump - A man who gives his money and/or his attention to women without getting any pussy in return. Largely a phenomenon experienced by American men when dating American women. Don't be a chump!
CIM - Cum in Mouth
Civilian - A woman who makes herself available for sexual encounters but not for financial gain. May be less discreet than a provider and more interested in a relationship.
Clockwatcher - A term for a provider who counts the minutes until the session is over.
CMD - Carpet Matches Drapes (means her natural hair color)
CMT - Certified Massage Therapist. A professional masseuse.
COF - Cum on Face
Collar and Cuffs - Pubic hair matches natural hair-color (redheads, blondes)
Completion - Orgasm. e.g. She gave a bareback blowjob to completion.
Cover - Condom
Covered - Various measures, such as the use of condoms or dental dams, are taken to avoid diseases (as AIDS) transmitted by sexual contact. (e.g. Covered Blow Job means a condom was used.)
CG - Cow Girl, Girl on top facing you.
Crime scene action - Sexual activity during her period.
Cruising - Looking for prostitutes while driving.
Cups of Coffee - Releases, Orgasms

D - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Dance and Dash - A rip-off. She shows up, takes your money, doesn't provide, might offer to "dance", and leaves.
Date - A session
DATO - Dining at the O, Analingus, oral stimulation of the anus
DATY - Dining at the Y (Performing oral sex on a woman)
DDE - Doesn't Do Extras (PS only)
DDF - Drug and Disease Free
DDG - Drop Dead Gorgeous
DDP - Double Digit Penetration (pussy and anus)
Deep Throat - Fellatio where the whole length of the penis is "swallowed".
Defender - A poster who defends or "comes to the rescue" of a provider who has been reviewed poorly or is accused of something in an escort forum, regardless of whether it is accurate.
Deposit - A provider requires an upfront payment in advance of a session.
DFE - Dead Fish Experience
DFK - Deep French Kissing
DIY - Do It Yourself (masturbation)
Doggie of Doggie Style - Man behind girl
Donation - Payment to a provider
Doubles - A threesome with two girls and you
DP - Double Penetration
DP - Digital penetration
DSL - Dick Sucking Lips
DT - Dining at the Toes
DT - Deep Throat

E - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

ECR - El Camino Real
Ellie - Law Enforcement
English - Spanking, etc.
Enhancements - Breast implants
Envelope - Often cash payments for a provider are placed in an envelope. Rather than handing her cash directly, or discussing money, the envelope is left in a conspicuous location for the provider to pick up as she leaves (outcall), or after the hobbyist leaves (incall).
Escort - A woman who is paid for her time and companionship.
Expats - Persons living in countries other than their own citizenship. Generally refers to Americans, Canadians or Europeans living in other countries.

F - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

FP - Face painting (Man ejaculates on woman's face)
Facial - Cumming on partner's face
FBSM - Full Body Sensual Massage
FFF - Refers to the strategy of "Find them, Fuck them, Forget them"
FIV - Finger In Vagina
Five-O - A police officer (uniformed or undercover).
FJ - Foot job. Stimulation of the penis using feet and toes.
FKK - Frei K├Ârper Kultur (German brothel / nudist club)
Flake - Flaky Errant behavior, often used for providers who no-show and/or have scheduling issues.
FOB - Fresh Off the Boat (An immigrant who has recently arrived)
FOBU - Fat-Old-Bald-Ugly
FOTC - Fuck of the century.
FOV - Finger Outside Vagina
FR - Field Report
French - Oral sex on either party.
French Kissing - Kissing on mouth with tongue contact
French Without - Oral sex without condom
FS - Full Service, Sex
Full meal deal - Full Service, Vaginal intercourse to completion.
Full Service Intercourse - Sex
FUTB - Finger Up The Butt

G - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Get Comfortable - Get completely naked.
GFE - Girl Friend Experience
Glove - Condom
GND - Girl Next Door
Golden Shower - Urinating on your partner, urine play.
Greek - Anal sex
GS - Golden Shower (urination play)
GSM - G-Spot Massage

H - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Half and Half - Oral sex followed by intercourse.
Hardwood Floors - Clean shaven pussy.
Hat - Condom
Herb Friendly - An escort who is amenable to marijuana use.
Hidden Charges - A provider takes the advertised fee upfront, but midway through the session she asks for more money for more services. (e.g. She might undress and give a massage for the advertised $$, but then ask for an additional $ for French, or $$ for FS, etc.)
Hindu Massage - (Argentina) The woman contracts her vaginal muscles during sex to squeeze you to completion.
HJ - Hand Job
HM - High Mileage (Refers to an older, worn out provider)
HME - Honeymoon Experience (lapdog heaven)
Hobby - The The patronizing of prostitutes.
Hobbyist - A man who patronizes prostitutes.
Hooker - Prostitute.
Hostess Club - A lower end strip club where bargaining for sex acts with the dancers is acceptable, and some activities may occur on premises.
HR - Hand Release (a hand job)
HSW - Hispanic Street Walker
HWP - Height and Weight Proportionate

I & J - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
Incall - You meet the girl at their place.
Independent or Indie - An escort who works on her own, without an agency affiliation. The escort manages her own calls, bookings, advertising and finances.
Interpreter - Condom (e.g. She spoke French without the aid of an interpreter = BBBJ)
IPO - Initial public offering: used to denote the public introduction of a new provider, usually via a review.
ISO - In Search Of
Italian - Penis rubbing between butt cheeks
Jack Shack - Refers to an establishment (massage parlor, lingerie modeling) that is not usually full service. You should expect only massage (usually nude or topless) and a hand job, but more services might be available.
Jimmy Hat - A condom
John - A man who patronizes prostitutes

L - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Lapdog - A man who worships providers to excess
L/A/S - Looks/Attitude/Service: A subjective ranking system. Each criteria separately ranked, from lowest (1) to highest (10). Examples: 2/9/8 = Unattractive, but very friendly and good sex. 10/5/4 = Model material, but a poor attitude, and mediocre sex.
Landing Strip - Description of pubic hair
LBFM - Little Brown Fucking Machine
LCN - Latina Chica Network
LE - Law Enforcement
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LFK - Light Face Kissing
Little Blue Helper - Viagra
Little Blue Pill - Viagra
LK - Light Kissing (closed mouth)
LMP - Licensed Massage Practitioner
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
LOS - Land of Smiles (refers to Thailand)
Lot Lizards - Prostitutes who operate out of truck stops or other trucker hangouts.
LT - Long Time (usually overnight)
LTR - Long Term Relationship

M - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Madame - Proprietress of an escort agency
Mall or Escort Mall - A website that advertises many different providers. The providers may be independent or agency, and may or may not be associated with each other, or with the mall.
Mamasan - Female manager of an asian massage parlor (AMP).
Man in a boat - Clitoris
MBR Multiple Bell Ringing (MSOG)
Mediterranean - Anal sex (e.g. "She took me on a trip to the mediterranean.")
Merkin - Pubic hair wig.
MG - Massage Girl
MIB - Man in blue, law enforcement officer.
Mileage - A subjective term that describes value for money and/or how accomodating an escort is. Good mileage usually means she either charges less than average, provides better L/A/S than average, or both.
MILF - Mother I'd Like to Fuck.
Mish - Missionary position, Man on top during intercourse
Missionary - Man on top, girl on back.
MMF, MFM, MFF - Threesome designations. e.g. MMF = male, male, female MFF = male, female, female.
Mohawk - A thin rectangular strip of pubic hair.
MP - Massage Parlor
MP - Multiple Pops (multiple releases)
MPA - Massage Parlor Attendant
MSOG - Multiple Shots on Goal (multiple releases)
Multiple Pops - She allows you to have more than 1 orgasm during the session (e.g. more than one or multiple pops allowed)

N - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Newbie - A novice hobbyist or novice provider.
NGO - Non-Government Organization
NGP - Non Genuine Photos
Nooner - A lunch-time or afternoon session, popular with married hobbyists.
No-Show - Escort or Client never shows up for an appointment, does not contact in advance to cancel or warn.
No-Touch - No touching allowed. (e.g. No-touch Jack shack, no-touch strip club)
NQBC - Non-quitter, but covered. CBJ to completion.
NQBS - Non-quitter, but spitter. BBBJTC and spits your ejaculate.
NQNS - Non-quitter, non-spitter. BBBJTC and swallows your ejaculate.
NSA - No Strings Attached.

O - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

O or Os - Orgasm, orgasms.
Off-the-clock - Activities that occur with a provider that she chooses not to charge for. (e.g. "We had lunch off-the-clock")
OTOH - On the Other Hand
Outcall - The girl comes to your place.
Out or Outed - Private, personal information on a hobbyist or provider is made public. (e.g. Someone's real name and address is posted to a public forum.)
OWO - Oral Without a condom
OWOTC - Oral Without Condom To Completion

P - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

P4P - Pay for Play. Refers to the concept of paying for sex.
Party Hat - Condom
Pearl Necklace - Man ejaculates on woman's neck and/or chest
Papasan - Male manager of an asian massage parlor
Pimp - A man who solicits clients for a prostitute.
PIV - Penis in Vagina
PL - Pathetic Loser
PM - Private Message sent via the Forum's Private Message service.
PO - Phone Operator
Pooner - A hobbyist who is immersed in the hobby culture. e.g. He may be very involved with the review boards and/or private exchange of information on providers and the hobby.
POS - Pussy on the Side
PRC - Women from the People's Republic of China
Provider - Escort, Call Girl, Prostitute (as the case may be)
PS - Private Show (Dance)
PSE - Porn Star Experience
Punter - British slang for a man who engages in sex with prostitutes
PV - Private Viewing (Dance)

R - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

RA - Relaxation Assistant
Raincoat - Condom
RCA - Reverse Cowgirl Anal
Reverse Cowgirl - Girl on top facing away.
Reverse Half and Half - Intercourse followed by oral sex to completion
Reverse Massage - You massage her.
Review An evaluation of an escort, provider, AMP attendant, etc. May include information on her looks, attitude and service, etc.
Reverse Oral - The client performs oral sex on the provider.
Rimming - Analingus
RMP - Russian Massage Parlor
ROB - Rip Off B i t c h
Roman - An orgy situation.
Roman Shower - Vomit play.
RTFF - Read the Fucking Forum
Russian - Penis between breasts, i.e. Titty Fucking
Russian In Australia - Short sex session, aka a "Quickie"

S - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Safe - Sexual activity in which various measures, such as the use of condoms or dental dams, are taken to avoid disease (as AIDS) transmitted by sexual contact. e.g. All activities were safe.
San Juan Capistrano - BBBJTC and she swallows.
Sandbagger - A subjective term for a review (or reviewer) that misleads the reader by giving unwarranted praise to a provider.
Sans - Without. e.g. She provided french sans beret = BBBJ
SC - Strip Club
Scat - Defecation on your partner or feces play.
Screening - A provider or agency does a pre-session background check on a new client.
Self Post - A provider or agency poses as a hobbyist, and posts a highly positive review of herself or agency to increase business.
Self-Service Masturbation - e.g. "It was a self-service jack shack" = no contact with the dancer, but the man can masturbate.
Sensual Massage - Not usually full service. expect only massage (usually nude or topless) and handjob, but more services might be available.
Session - Paid time spent with a provider.
Sex Worker - Catch all phrase sometimes used to describe escorts, hookers, prostitutes, strippers, peep show workers, topless waitresses, etc.
SFH - Sex for hire.
SG - Street Girls
Shemale - Transexual, particularly one who is living as a woman, but hasn't had SRS. Penis may or may not get erect.
Shill - A hobbyist who writes unwarranted positive reviews in exchange for discounts or special favors from an agency or provider.
Sixty Nine, 69 - Partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.
Slam or Slammed - An unwarranted harsh review or abusive criticism of a provider.
SO - Significant Other
SOMF - Sat On My Face
South of the Border - Genital Region
Southern France - BBBJ
SP - Service Provider
Spanish - ATM (Ass to Mouth)
Spanish In Australia - Penis between breasts
Spinner - Very petite, small, thin girl
Squirting or Squirter - Female ejaculation, a provider who ejaculates
ST - Short Time
STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease
Sting - A female police officer poses as a prostitute to apprehend unsuspecting johns, or a male police officer poses as a john to apprehend unsuspecting prostitutes.
STR - Short Term Relationship
Street action - Prostitution that is solicited on public streets. Prostitutes (usually on foot) are picked up by Johns in motor vehicles. Sexual acts may occur in the vehicle, or at another agreed upon location.
Stroll Path - An area frequented by street walkers
Summer Teeth - Her teeth; Some are there, some are not
Sunshine or Sunny - Without a condom (i.e. No raincoat)
SW - Street Walker
SW - Sex Worker
Sybian - A mechanical sex device that is in the shape of half-barrel with a dildo attachment mounted in the middle.

T & U

Take care of business - Payment is made to provider. e.g. "She wanted to take care of business first"
TAMP - Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor
Teabag - Man squats and dips balls in partner's mouth.
TGTBT - Too Good To Be True
Throne Job - Self-service hand job. Refers to an establishment that doesn't offer FS. The premises will only have a large chair or "throne" for you to sit on and masturbate while the woman dances for you.
Tipping - required hidden charges, provider demands more than the advertised price in order to perform, or bargains hard for various services.
TJ - Tijuana
TLN - Toda La Noche ("All the Night" in Spanish)
TOFTT - Take one for the team. In reference to a new, non-reviewed provider.
Took one for the team - A hobbyist reviews a provider who has no (or scattered) reviews. He was ripped off, or his experience was very poor. Ostensibly, he has helped save other members of the com***ity (the team) from making the same mistake.
TOS - Take Out Service
Tossing Salad - Analingus
TP - Tanning Parlor or Tanning Place
Translation / Translator - Condom i.e. "She spoke fluent french without a translator" = BBBJ
Tri-F - A devotee to the "Find them, Fuck them, Forget them" strategy
Trick - A sex act for money or a man who patronizes prostitutes.
Troll - Rude person on forums or someone who reads, but doesn't post.
Trolling - Posting thinly disguised ads in a discussion forum, picking fights in a forum or just being a general pain in the ass in a forum.
Trolling - The act of driving around looking for a prostitute.
TS - Transexual
Tuft - Description of pubic hair.
TUMA - Tongue Up My Ass
Turn tricks - Prostitution
TV - Transvestite
TVSW - Transvestite Street Walker
Two Call System - For incall locations. Your first call is to set up the time and get the general directions on where to park. Your second call is made when you arrive to get the specific address / room number.
Umbrella - Condom.
Uncovered - Without a condom.

V & W

VFM - Value For Money.
WAH - From Wahei: peaceful, harmonious and calm (Japanese)
WAH - Wild Ass Humping
Water Sports - Urination play.
WF - Wild Fuck
WG - Working girl
White Knight - A poster who defends or "comes to the rescue" of a provider who has been reviewed poorly, regardless of whether the review is accurate.
With - With condom (e.g. French with = CBJ)
Without - Without condom. (e.g. French without = BBBJ)
WIR - Would I Repeat or Would I Return
WL - Working Lady
Working girl - An escort, prostitute, call girl, whatever the case may be.
WSW - White Street Walker


YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (you could get different results)
YMMV Girl - A provider who is known for being inconsistent in her attitude and service. i.e. Gets hot and cold reviews.

Escort Info - for the Newbies

We all have to start somewhere and there's a lot of confusing acronyms, code words, half speak and unsaid agreements and acknowledgements with escorts. So here's some hints for the newbies.

1/2 and 1/2 - Half and half, oral sex + full service
411 - Seeking information.
420 - 4:20 AKA marijuana
69 - Two people giving each other oral sex at the same time.