Saturday, January 10, 2009

D - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

Dance and Dash - A rip-off. She shows up, takes your money, doesn't provide, might offer to "dance", and leaves.
Date - A session
DATO - Dining at the O, Analingus, oral stimulation of the anus
DATY - Dining at the Y (Performing oral sex on a woman)
DDE - Doesn't Do Extras (PS only)
DDF - Drug and Disease Free
DDG - Drop Dead Gorgeous
DDP - Double Digit Penetration (pussy and anus)
Deep Throat - Fellatio where the whole length of the penis is "swallowed".
Defender - A poster who defends or "comes to the rescue" of a provider who has been reviewed poorly or is accused of something in an escort forum, regardless of whether it is accurate.
Deposit - A provider requires an upfront payment in advance of a session.
DFE - Dead Fish Experience
DFK - Deep French Kissing
DIY - Do It Yourself (masturbation)
Doggie of Doggie Style - Man behind girl
Donation - Payment to a provider
Doubles - A threesome with two girls and you
DP - Double Penetration
DP - Digital penetration
DSL - Dick Sucking Lips
DT - Dining at the Toes
DT - Deep Throat

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