Saturday, January 10, 2009

P - Escort Info (for the Newbies)

P4P - Pay for Play. Refers to the concept of paying for sex.
Party Hat - Condom
Pearl Necklace - Man ejaculates on woman's neck and/or chest
Papasan - Male manager of an asian massage parlor
Pimp - A man who solicits clients for a prostitute.
PIV - Penis in Vagina
PL - Pathetic Loser
PM - Private Message sent via the Forum's Private Message service.
PO - Phone Operator
Pooner - A hobbyist who is immersed in the hobby culture. e.g. He may be very involved with the review boards and/or private exchange of information on providers and the hobby.
POS - Pussy on the Side
PRC - Women from the People's Republic of China
Provider - Escort, Call Girl, Prostitute (as the case may be)
PS - Private Show (Dance)
PSE - Porn Star Experience
Punter - British slang for a man who engages in sex with prostitutes
PV - Private Viewing (Dance)

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