Saturday, January 10, 2009

T & U

Take care of business - Payment is made to provider. e.g. "She wanted to take care of business first"
TAMP - Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor
Teabag - Man squats and dips balls in partner's mouth.
TGTBT - Too Good To Be True
Throne Job - Self-service hand job. Refers to an establishment that doesn't offer FS. The premises will only have a large chair or "throne" for you to sit on and masturbate while the woman dances for you.
Tipping - required hidden charges, provider demands more than the advertised price in order to perform, or bargains hard for various services.
TJ - Tijuana
TLN - Toda La Noche ("All the Night" in Spanish)
TOFTT - Take one for the team. In reference to a new, non-reviewed provider.
Took one for the team - A hobbyist reviews a provider who has no (or scattered) reviews. He was ripped off, or his experience was very poor. Ostensibly, he has helped save other members of the com***ity (the team) from making the same mistake.
TOS - Take Out Service
Tossing Salad - Analingus
TP - Tanning Parlor or Tanning Place
Translation / Translator - Condom i.e. "She spoke fluent french without a translator" = BBBJ
Tri-F - A devotee to the "Find them, Fuck them, Forget them" strategy
Trick - A sex act for money or a man who patronizes prostitutes.
Troll - Rude person on forums or someone who reads, but doesn't post.
Trolling - Posting thinly disguised ads in a discussion forum, picking fights in a forum or just being a general pain in the ass in a forum.
Trolling - The act of driving around looking for a prostitute.
TS - Transexual
Tuft - Description of pubic hair.
TUMA - Tongue Up My Ass
Turn tricks - Prostitution
TV - Transvestite
TVSW - Transvestite Street Walker
Two Call System - For incall locations. Your first call is to set up the time and get the general directions on where to park. Your second call is made when you arrive to get the specific address / room number.
Umbrella - Condom.
Uncovered - Without a condom.

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